Make your smartphone a handy terminal.

Handy terminals used in manufacturing and distribution sites. It is an essential part of information management, but in reality there are many things that are expensive even if you only want basic functionality. Forme is an application that can make your smartphone a handy terminal. It is designed to boot on older terminals, so you can reuse terminals that you no longer need. Set up a table with spreadsheet software such as Excel, and create a QR code. Just read the QR code with the app.

Collected data can also be exported in a general-purpose CSV format, so it can be said to be highly compatible with existing systems. If you want to manage in Excel, you can easily import CSV data by using the dedicated FormeCollector.xlsm. The QR Coded app, FormeCollector.xlsm, is built into the app, so just download the app and you're ready to go.


Get the benefits of IT technology offline.

Paper data in various places



Field survey


Grocery store

General store

The office

Can you make use of the records?

In the age of AI and Industry 4.0, if you can connect to the Internet, you can use magical techniques.

However, there should be many offline places that can not connect to the Internet.                              In many cases, it is probably not paper and Excel that supports activities that support society, such as work and research.

The Forme series reduces the effort of data entry. Let's save time and effort to enter data and use the data.

We will replace paper and pen with applications and enhance data by strengthening Excel used in many workplaces.

Example (Equipment management)

Normal description Forme

Create recording paper.

Create form from table.

Record warehousing of supplies.

Data input.

Collection of recording paper. & Data input.

Data transfer.

Analysis & Create report.

Analysis & Create report.


Forme Series

Forme Pro

Handy terminal application

You can use the terminal like a handy terminal. Even with older devices It is designed to be usable. Features such as simple PDF viewer and barcode reader,Forme alone can do a variety of things.



CSV data aggregation macro sheet that can be used on Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc.

You can aggregate CSV data of Forme and FormeSurvey. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac so it can be used in environments where both OSs exist. Please use it as the base of your system.



CSV data output macro sheet that can be used on Microsoft Excel

You can transfer Excel sheet created for printing to macro sheet that can output CSV data. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac so it can be used in environments where both OSs exist.
Please use it to digitize questionnaires and documents.



QR code creation HTML application

It is a QR code creation HTML application created to transfer form setting data to Forme. It can be used if it is a modern browser.It is designed to be usable even offline.

Use FormeQRCoder


All Forme series are designed to be available offline.
You can manage folders on secure storage.


Forme Pro & Forme Go

It corresponds to 99.4% of Android terminal. FormeCollectorFree, FormeSurvey and FormeQRCoder are set, Just by installing, you can quickly create your system.

  • Form

    Ideal for data input of spreadsheet software.

  • Easy

    You can create a form in a few steps from the table.


  • Diversity

    You can use a number of spreadsheet software.(Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc)

  • Parts

    There are a variety of parts, such as a bar code.

  • All in one

    FormeCollectorFree, FormeSurvey and FormeQRCoder are set.

  • Off-line

    You can completely offline use.

  • BottleWeb

    Html5 application execution environment is included.


Forme Go

Google Play

Forme Pro

Google Play

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